Why Nyayika?

1. You are assured quality legal advice and guidance

Each Nyayika law centre has a team of bright lawyers and paralegals who undergo regular training sessions and are updated with the latest developments in the law. The team works with guidance from our panel of expert lawyers in each and every case, thus assuring you the best legal advice and guidance in your matter.

2. We are accountable to you – Our client.

Nyayika believes in the principles of accountability and transparency and the system which we follow in handling a case is designed accordingly.

  1. You as a client are assured of a fixed legal fee payable as per a payment schedule where you are required to pay only when your case moves to the next stage. You are provided with receipts against all payments made.
  2. Our lawyers and paralegals keep you informed of all developments in your matter. We put in extra efforts to make sure you understand the procedures being followed. We move ahead only with your consent.
  3. Your case is tracked in our central monitoring and information system which allows a central team to track case progress.
  4. If you are unsatisfied with our services, you have the option of registering your grievances on our central helpline. We assure you that we will get back with a solution.

3. We practice sensitive lawyering

The lawyers, paralegals and staff at Nyayika law centres undergo special programmes to sensitize them to the situation of the marginalized and vulnerable sections in the society. Victims of human rights violation are given special attention in their struggle for justice by our lawyers and paralegals at Nyayika.