Concept and Vision


A non-profit self-sustained model

Nyayika is a chain of multi-speciality law centres offering affordable professional legal services to the needy in a system which believes in the need of accountability and transparency in the practice of law and is sensitive to the needs of the poor and vulnerable sections of the society. Its tagline, “Atpatu banave sahelu” indicates the belief in the need to simplify and demystify complicated legal procedures so as to make approaching a court of law and seeking redressal in the legal system less intimidating for the general public.

Nyayika is an initiative of IDEAL Foundation for Social and Economic Development, a non-profit company registered under S. 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 (About IFSED). Nyayika has adopted the ‘law centre’ model of Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) (About CSJ) and draws extensively from the knowledge and experience of CSJ in providing legal services to the poor and vulnerable at the grassroots. Nyayika law centres offer legal services and advice in all types of legal matters including civil, criminal, revenue, consumer, labour and charge a fixed fee for the same in order to ensure the sustainability of the model. The mission of Nyayika is to make quality legal services available to people from the marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society which includes Dalits, minorities, tribals and women.

Innovation and highlights

  1. Chain of law centres operating under a common name with a common trade dress in a non-profit model
  2. Law centres owned and operated by lawyers, paralegals and organizations
  3. Team of trained lawyers and paralegals at each centre
  4. Experienced panel lawyers to guide in each and every case
  5. Central monitoring and information system to track progress of cases to ensure that there is no unnecessary delay being caused by the lawyer
  6. Affordable fee structure with each available service having fixed fees payable as per a payment schedule designed such that the client is required to pay fees only when the matter proceeds.
  7. Issuance of fee receipts to clients for each payment made – to ensure accountability.
  8. Focus on the legal needs of the poor and vulnerable sections of the society with a provision of subsidizing those unable to afford fees
  9. Central ‘helpline’ service to enable access to legal assistance and for registration of grievances

Vision and mission

The vision of Nyayika is a system in which a legal recourse for violation of any right is accessible by people from all sections of the society and where lawyers and paralegals uphold the nobility of the legal profession by being accountable to the client. The mission of Nyayika is to make professional legal services accessible at affordable rates to vulnerable communities and people at large through a system that is professional, value-driven, accountable and transparent.