Be a Nyayika Associate


Why be a Nyayika Associate?

  1. Nyayika offers a unique opportunity to individuals and organizations to provide affordable professional legal services to people in their area.
  2. Individuals and organizations, through the platform provided by Nyayika, can expand their scope of work to issues of Access to Justice for the socially marginalized and vulnerable.
  3. The Nyayika brand is known for its experienced lawyers and paralegals, professional conduct, transparent approach and accountability mechanisms. Choosing to be a Nyayika Associate allows you the benefit of the goodwill associated with the brand.
  4. The support provided by Nyayika in terms of setting up the office space, regular training programmes, monitoring mechanisms and networking support helps the you in providing quality legal services and reaching out to the needy.

If you want to apply to be a Nyayika Associate, please download the Expression of Interest format (English | Gujarati) and send it to us at the address mentioned.