About Centre for Social Justice

Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is the parent organization of Nyayika. Established in 1993, CSJ is a human rights organisation fighting for the rights of the marginalised and vulnerable. Inspired by Frieran thought, CSJ has been active in more than ten States across India creating human rights interventions using law as a key strategy through an intimate engagement with grass root realities. CSJ fulfils its mandate by training and strengthening community lawyers and paralegals by building their capacities to deliver change-inducing leadership in their communities through a network of law centres. A pioneer in the field of access to justice, CSJ has also made path-breaking institutional interventions in the form of research, legal reforms and initiatives bringing together grassroots activism, law and policy-making on a wide array of issues affecting women, dalits, tribals, minorities and other socially vulnerable groups. The following five interventions reflect the entirety of CSJ’s work from micro to macro level.

  1. Facilitating direct legal aid for the poorest and most excluded.

  2. Building a cadre of lawyers and paralegals to work at the district and sub-district level with a social justice and human rights perspective.

  3. Outreach to the community (particularly the most marginalized) about laws and entitlements.

  4. Efforts to make the social justice laws operational at the lowest tier of judiciary.

  5. Systemic interventions for legal reforms.

For more, please visit www.centreforsocialjustice.net

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